About The Wrinkle Fairy

I come from a long line of doctors and scientists, famous musicians, composers, artists and opera singers. I am tone deaf, cannot read music and cannot draw a stick figure to save my life, but all of these artists, doctors and scientists left a legacy that has guided me throughout my professional life. I have never been able to shake a love and admiration for the art and science of medicine that they all inspired in me. As the daughter of a prominent Chicago cosmetic surgeon, I grew up with a passion for cosmetic medicine. Dinner table conversations were peppered with words like ‘liposuction’ and ‘vein removal.’ While most of my school friends took family trips to Florida for spring break, my family traveled to Paris so my father could learn about advancements in cosmetic medicine. In fact, in grade school, I was teased relentlessly about the fact that my dad sucked the fat out of people. Little did they know that many of them would become his patients later in life and would ask for the very procedure they used to tease me about. After more than twenty years in the business myself, it's safe to say that I have a passion for medicine, specifically, for the art of cosmetic medicine. Perhaps I inherited it. I like to think I did. And to my surprise, I find that I am an artist after all. Who cares that I can’t draw a stick figure? I can create exquisite lips, erase years of wrinkles, and restore youthfulness to skin without breaking a sweat. The beauty of cosmetic medicine is more than skin deep. The beauty of the craft lies in the fact that it is both a science and an art, and a skilled practitioner can use its potential to create a masterpiece. So, take that, Michelangelo.

Emmy Red Carpet Review

Leslie Forrester, NP, aka the Wrinkle Fairy, watches awards shows with a keen eye on which celebrities had which procedures done. Here she takes a look at the Emmys and points out how celebrities keep their young, youthful look.

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Office Tour

Leslie Forrester, NP, aka the Wrinkle Fairy, gives us a tour of her office on the prestigious Oak Street block between Michigan Avenue and Rush Street. She takes a peak at some live procedures, including Botox, CoolSculpting and the Hollywood Laser Peel.

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Easy Tricks to Look Younger

Leslie Forrester, aka The Wrinkle Fairy, explains that keeping your appearance young and healthy is all about maintaining certain aspects of your face you may not necessarily think about, namely lips and eyelashes. Leslie is a exemplary lip injector. And keeping your eyelashes full and long maintains that healthy, youthful look.

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Cosmetic Medicine: Less is More

Leslie Forrester, NP, aka the Wrinkle Fairy, explains why she abides by the "less is more" mantra. Leslie encourages subtle improvements, not making oneself look "fake" or like her patient had too much work done. With non-surgical techniques, she can achieve facelift-like results with products like Botox, Juvederm, Restylane, and other products.

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Facial Fillers

Leslie Forrester, NP, aka the Wrinkle Fairy, talks about some of the new advances in facial fillers. No longer do fillers like Juvederm and Restylane just fill in lines. Now they can plump and lift the skin simultaneously. Not to mention, Latisse can enhance your facial appearance with thicker, fuller eyelashes.

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Liquid Facelift

Leslie Forrester, NP, aka "The Wrinkle Fairy," explains how she can achieve facelift-like results without reaching for the scalpel. Thanks to advances in non-surgical fillers and other technologies, facelift-like results are now possible without surgery.

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Freeze Fat Cells Away: CoolSculpting

Leslie Forrester, NP, affectionately known as "The Wrinkle Fairy" explains the technology behind CoolSculpting, the cool new treatment that freezes fat cells and gets rid of them permanently.

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Breakthrough Cellulite Treatment: CellFina

Leslie Forrester, NP, "THe Wrinkle Fairy," explains the breakthrough new anti-cellulite treatment, CellFina, to the You and Me in the morning crew. CellFina can permanently remove cellulite with one treatment.

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