About The Wrinkle Fairy

I come from a long line of doctors and scientists, famous musicians, composers, artists and opera singers. I am tone deaf, cannot read music and cannot draw a stick figure to save my life, but all of these artists, doctors and scientists left a legacy that has guided me throughout my professional life. I have never been able to shake a love and admiration for the art and science of medicine that they all inspired in me. As the daughter of a prominent Chicago cosmetic surgeon, I grew up with a passion for cosmetic medicine. Dinner table conversations were peppered with words like ‘liposuction’ and ‘vein removal.’ While most of my school friends took family trips to Florida for spring break, my family traveled to Paris so my father could learn about advancements in cosmetic medicine. In fact, in grade school, I was teased relentlessly about the fact that my dad sucked the fat out of people. Little did they know that many of them would become his patients later in life and would ask for the very procedure they used to tease me about. After more than twenty years in the business myself, it's safe to say that I have a passion for medicine, specifically, for the art of cosmetic medicine. Perhaps I inherited it. I like to think I did. And to my surprise, I find that I am an artist after all. Who cares that I can’t draw a stick figure? I can create exquisite lips, erase years of wrinkles, and restore youthfulness to skin without breaking a sweat. The beauty of cosmetic medicine is more than skin deep. The beauty of the craft lies in the fact that it is both a science and an art, and a skilled practitioner can use its potential to create a masterpiece. So, take that, Michelangelo.

5 Ways To Look Your Best This Summer

Leslie Forrester, NP, tells the You and Me in the Morning crew the top five ways to look your best every summer. Find out how you can get rid of that pesky tattoo, remove unwanted hair, improve cellulite appearance, and get rid of those annoying fatty pockets without surgery.

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Red Carpet Ready for the Holidays

It's the holiday season, and that means one thing. You'll have dozens of photographs taken of you this time of year. Leslie Forrester, NP "The Wrinkle Fairy" preaches subtle improvement that will have you looking your best, including Botox, and the new Hollywood Laser Facial.

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The Seven Major Skin Sins

Often the things you do every day, sometimes without even thinking about it, can have the worst effect on your skin. You likely have an arsenal of skincare products sitting on your bathroom vanity, and you very well could be using all of them wrong. Too many practitioners don’t take the time to educate their clients on the proper techniques for applying products or treating conditions at home. I'd like to educate you. Let’s get to my seven major skin sins.

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Fixing common problems of the face

Eyebrow Drooping and Elevation Perhaps you are one of those people who has discovered more skin hanging on your eyelid than you had in the past. Or maybe you’re someone who, like me, prefers a flat eyelid and more arch or lift to your eyebrows. Models in fashion magazines seem to all have beautiful, arched [...]

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How and why we get cellulite

First things first, let's explore how and why we get cellulite. Cellulite affects women of all races, ages and shapes. In fact, 90 percent of women are impacted by cellulite, starting around the age of 25, while only ten percent of men suffer from this evil. So, what is it that women have an abundance [...]

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The Truth About Skin Care

Choosing the correct skincare is a daunting task. With all the information being thrown at us in magazines, TV commercials, and department stores, it’s no wonder we end up feeling frustrated when trying to choose the correct skincare products. I consider myself an expert. I have been in the skincare business for more than 15 [...]

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