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Wrinkle Fairy Institute


Wrinkle Fairy Institute

Welcome to the Wrinkle Fairy Institute and congratulations on exploring an exciting and rewarding medical career in the art and science of cosmetic medicine. I would like to begin by offering some background on my professional career as an expert nurse injector and what led me down the path of teaching and mentoring others. I have spent more than 20 years in the cosmetic medicine field, and it has truly become one of my deepest passions.

What you’ll learn at the Wrinkle Fairy Institute

  • Private one-on-one training (no getting lost and forgotten in a big group)
  • Personalized curriculum designed to meet your level of training, your goals, and your preferred areas of focus
  • Real life practice training, including: anatomy, consultation, assessment, patient selection, follow up and troubleshooting
  • Training can and will include: neuromodulators, fillers, threads and/or lasers
  • Hands-on experience: Each trainee will receive one syringe of hyaluronic acid filler and 20 units of a neuromodulator for use on a patient of his/her choice at the conclusion of training
  • Lifetime mentorship with the Wrinkle Fairy (reach out any time in the future with questions/concerns with no added fees)
  • 3 hours of CME credits
  • To learn more reach out to me directly at or 312.543.5441.

How I got here

I began my journey, which now spans almost two decades, as a registered nurse injector. I later became a nurse practitioner. I authored a book called The Wrinkle Fairy, An Insider’s Guide to Cosmetic Medicine. I shared my knowledge on various talk shows, including NBC Chicago News, Windy City Live, The Jam, You and Me in the Morning. I was a regular guest on the popular radio show “The Eric & Kathy Show” on 101.9 The Mix. Then I reached a milestone breakthrough when I became a certified trainer and speaker for Allergan and Galderma (the two giants of the cosmetic medicine landscape). The more I taught, the more I realized how proficient my skills had become, and that translated into developing a true passion for teaching other hungry injectors proper technique in the art of cosmetic injection. Being an injector is not mechanical and repetitive. An artistic eye that understands that every face is different, every curve of the cheek is different, every wrinkle is different, is what injectors need to become truly proficient. And I feel so passionate about sharing that knowledge with injectors who want to elevate their skills to a high level.


I’m now channeling that passion to help you reach your goals

Like I said, becoming a great injector is about more than knowing facial anatomy. Developing that artistic eye is absolutely necessary. Proficient injectors need to see far beyond the anatomic structures. As nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, DOs and MDs, we all know facial anatomy. That’s a given. But we all need to understand the stages of the aging process and how to rejuvenate the face in a natural and beautiful way that aligns with that aging process. That’s where I can help you. I can help you discover that artistic eye. I can help you understand how and why the face ages and how to gracefully incorporate that knowledge into your injection techniques.


Wrinkle Fairy training is personal and practical

At this point you may be asking, why The Wrinklefairy Institute?  What sets this certification apart from other programs? Learning the art of injection is a process. When I teach and mentor students embarking on a career in the field of cosmetic medicine, or take on students who want to move from being an injector to an expert injector, or perhaps hone different specific skills, I believe it should be done in a hands-on, personal traning setting. Sitting in a room with a bunch of people staring at me as I work through a PowerPoint presentation isn’t going to cut it. Instead, I customize each training session for each student to fit his/her needs. I’ll ask you specifically what you want to get out of your training, and that’s what we’ll aim to accomplish together, up close and personal, in front of real patients. Typically, this takes place during the course of two full clinical days. I also aim to customize the training to each individual’s level of learning, from beginner, to intermediate, to advanced training.


How your training benefits from my diverse patient base

During those two full days mentees will meet real patients, discuss their goals, and then get a glimpse of my advanced injection techniques. We will spend time going over:

  • Anatomy
  • Consultation: Learn how to talk to patients and get them to reveal exactly what they’re hoping to achieve (hint: this can be tougher than it sounds).
  • Assessment: Expect to see between 25-50 different patients each day, which means you’ll get an extensive and diverse exposure to different challenges you’ll face as an injector.
  • Product evaluation: Pros and cons of each product and which products work best on specific areas of the face and neck.
  • Technique: We’ll go over various on-label and off-label injection techniques, which I’ve spent nearly two decades refining.
  • Beyond injecting: There’s so much more to cosmetic medicine beyond injecting. We’ll evaluate lasers and other non-surgical cosmetic procedures, and how they can benefit your patients.

As you can see, patient evaluation and assessment is so important, which is why I don’t ignore it during your training.


You’ll always be learning and growing, and I’ll always be there for you

Training can be completed at any of my four practice locations in Chicago, Oak Brook, Arlington Heights and/or Naperville, Illinois. These two training days need not be completed at the same location. At the end of the second day I invite you to inject a patient of your choice with one syringe of Juvéderm and 20 units of Botox, both of which are included in your training. (Some students opt to purchase more, which is provided to you at my cost). Upon completion of your training, you’ll receive a certificate of completion from the Wrinkle Fairy Institute and more importantly, a vast array of knowledge. I tell each of my students that it doesn’t end there, though. It’s my hope that I’m welcomed as a resource and a mentor for the rest of your career. My students rest assured knowing that I’m always a phone call away if they need advice, have questions, encounter an adverse event, need to come back and shadow for some reinforcement, or even if they just want to talk about life. I’m honored by the students who ask me to write letters of recommendation for them as they advance further in their respective careers.


Wrinkle Fairy training particulars

Know that I also provide “shadow-only” days for those who wish to shadow me without full certification. The difference between shadow-only days and full certification is pretty simple: I won’t spend as much time explaining things in detail during shadow-only days. There will be some one-to-one between us, but I’ll get way more into detail about what goes into each decision I make during the full certification training. Put simply, look at shadow-only days as you looking over my shoulder, and full certification days as us standing shoulder-to-shoulder. Additionally, full certification training will earn you three hours of CME credits.


Pricing is as follows:

Full Certification with the Wrinkle Fairy Institute - $2400 (includes 3 hours of CME credits)
Daily shadowing - $525
Accepted payments: Zelle, Venmo, PayPal, check and cash. Invoice will be provided for receipt of payment.
A deposit of $500 is needed for full certification to hold training dates and the rest of the payment is due on the morning of training.
For shadow-only days payment will be due when the training is booked.


I look forward to having you as part of the Wrinkle Fairy team. If you have any questions about training please feel free to email me directly at or call me at 312.543.5441.

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