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Skin resurfacing technology has reached new heights with the Diamond Glow facial. Near instantaneous glowing, dewy skin, free from any down time, is now attainable with the three-step skin rejuvenation Diamond Glow process. Exfoliation, extraction, and infusion combine to make up the three-step resurfacing process, which leaves patients with radiant, youthful skin. Answers to frequently asked questions follow below.

Diamond Glow Q & A

How does a Diamond Glow help your skin?

  • Smoother skin
  • Improved melasma
  • Improved acne scars
  • Opens pores
  • Improved sun damage
  • Fine wrinkle improvement

What exactly is a Diamond Glow?

Essentially, the Diamond Glow is a peel/facial/dermabrasion combination treatment that results in youthful, glowing skin. Three crucial steps make up the treatment:

Exfoliation: A special diamond-tipped treatment tip is used by the treatment provider, who will glide the tip along your skin to peel away dead skin cells from the skin’s top layer.

Extraction: The tip is also equipped with vacuum power that traps and suctions the dead skin cells and other debris, including toxins.

Infusion: Lastly, the new, virgin skin needs a good cleansing and barrier protection from the natural elements, like sun, wind and natural oils in your hands. Thus, a specialized combination of serums is chosen based on each client’s needs and goals. For example, a patient with typically dry skin would receive a moisturizing serum. Many different combinations of serums can be used, which makes the treatment unique and customized for each patient.

How long would a treatment typically take?

Expect each treatment to take between 30 and 45 minutes. Different factors can affect treatment times, such as treatment scope and serum combinations.

When should you expect to see results from a Diamond Glow?

Pretty much immediately, to be completely honest. You’ll walk out of the office with immediate glowing skin, which makes this a perfect treatment in preparation for an event like a wedding, birthday, anniversary, etc.

How many Diamond Glows will you need?

That would be completely up to you. Many clients schedule their Diamond Glows at regular intervals every four to six weeks to maintain their youthful glow. Other patients only schedule treatments before big weekend events. Others schedule their treatments at other intervals. Really, it’s completely up to you, your goals, your budget, and your desired maintenance plan.

How much downtime will you experience?

Little to none. Some patients have slight redness post-treatment, but slight, barely noticeable redness, and even then it’s gone typically within an hour or two. Most patients leave the med spa and return to their normal lives pretty much immediately.

What is the key selling point for a Diamond Glow?

Most patients are attracted to the Diamond Glow because it is:

  • Safe
  • Noninvasive
  • Has minimal, if any, downtime
  • A treatment that provides an instant youthful glow
  • A treatment that eases the signs of aging with regularly scheduled treatments
  • Affordability

What are the ultimate goals of a Diamond Glow?

  • To get rid of dead skin cells and debris off the top layer of skin
  • To make rough skin smoother
  • To ease the signs of aging
  • To make skin appear more youthful

Will you experience any discomfort with Diamond Glow?

Most likely not. Many patients actually find the treatment soothing.

How long do the results usually last?

Your new, youthful-looking skin may last up to several weeks, but again, many patients schedule regular Diamond Glows at four to six-week intervals. These treatments become part of normal skincare routines for most of our patients.

What else should you be doing with Diamond Glow to enhance youthful results?

First and foremost, Botox. It’s the number one anti-aging treatment on the planet. Other dermal fillers can also keep you looking fresh and youthful. We have a plethora of other non-surgical treatments aimed at keeping you looking young and healthy.

Speaking of skincare, what products should you be using to enhance your results?

We offer several products, but the essentials are a daily sunscreen with a built-in moisturizer, a Vitamin-C serum and a daily, or semi-daily, retinol.

What will a Diamond Glow cost?

For a facial treatment, expect about $225/session, depending on the specific areas being treated. We can also perform the treatment on different areas of the body, which can be a little more, in the $350-$500 range, depending on the area, or areas, being treated.