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5 Skin Problems That Can Be Treated with Laser Resurfacing

5 Skin Problems That Can Be Treated with Laser Resurfacing

There’s no way to reverse time. But now, thanks to advancements in laser technology, we can reverse the toll it takes on our skin as well as fixing other pesky skin problems.

At Wrinkle Fairy, with locations in Chicago, Oakbrook, Arlington Heights, and Naperville, Illinois, Leslie Forrester, APRN, and our aesthetic specialists take on the visible signs of aging and other skin issues with laser skin resurfacing using the revolutionary LaseMD™ and Fractora® laser systems. 

These FDA-approved therapies use heat energy to boost your body’s natural production of essential skin proteins, like collagen and elastin. The heat triggers your body’s healing response, which causes the creation of newer skin cells with tighter,denser skin fibers.

Keep reading to learn about five skin problems laser resurfacing can address. 

1. Loose, sagging skin

Over time, your skin loses elasticity. This means it starts to sag and lose the firm tone and texture you had when you were younger. Laser skin resurfacing increases your collagen and elastin production, giving you firmer, younger-looking skin. Plus, the denser skin fibers help your new skin look healthy and smooth, boosting your appearance further.

2. Dark spots and sun damage

The sun may feel good on your skin, but the ultraviolet rays it sends down damage the DNA of your skin cells. This triggers photoaging, or premature aging of your skin. Laser skin resurfacing counters these effects. After treatment, your brown spots are lighter or disappear all together, leaving you with even, balanced skin. 

3. Acne scars and textural blemishes

Acne may be part of your past, but the scars it can leave behind might feel like they're here to stay. Laser skin resurfacing can help smooth your skin, minimizing acne scars and other textural blemishes. Your Wrinkle Fairy provider helps select the right laser system for your unique skin, so your scars become a thing of the past.

4. Fine lines and wrinkles

Noninvasive laser skin resurfacing targets your skin cells to encourage cellular regeneration. This turns over old skin, replacing it with newer, younger skin. As this newer skin appears, your fine lines and wrinkles fade, giving you a more youthful appearance that’s naturally fresh. 

5. Pigment problems

If you have uneven skin tone because of pigmentation issues like melasma or added redness because of conditions like rosacea, laser skin resurfacing can help by promoting healthy new skin. Since the treatment triggers a domino-like effect with skin proteins, your body will continue to produce healthier skin cells in the months following your treatment. 

Laser resurfacing can help reverse your problematic skin problems. Learn how by scheduling an appointment at the Wrinkle Fairy location in Illinois nearest you.

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