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5 Ways to Reduce Bothersome Wrinkles

5 Ways to Reduce Bothersome Wrinkles

Nobody looks forward to seeing wrinkles, fine lines, and other signs of aging. At Wrinkle Fairy with offices in Chicago, Oakbrook Terrace, Arlington Heights, and Naperville, Illinois, Leslie Forrester, APRN, and our talented aesthetic team offer many aesthetic services to help rejuvenate your appearance and reduce the signs of aging. 

Our team also knows prevention can be the best medicine. That’s why we created this guide, with our top tips for reducing wrinkles—before and after they start. Here’s what you need to know.

1. Sleep to reduce wrinkles

The right sleep helps reduce bothersome wrinkles and slow the formation of new lines and creases. This is because your skin produces collagen while you sleep. Here are some quick tips for sleeping to reduce wrinkles: 

Practicing good sleep habits can make it easier for you to get the sleep you need. 

2. Don’t smoke

Using tobacco is one of the worst things for your overall health. By choosing not to smoke, you lower your risk of cancer and heart disease. But did you know you also reduce the appearance of wrinkles and prevent new ones from forming?

This is because the nicotine in cigarettes narrows the blood vessels at the surface of your skin. This reduces blood flow to your skin. As a result, your skin doesn’t get as many nutrients and vitamins, making it less healthy and more prone to wrinkles.

Tobacco also comes loaded with toxic chemicals. These chemicals damage collagen and elastin, key proteins for skin health. Plus, the muscles you use to smoke create fine lines around your mouth.

3. Be mindful about what you consume

You can reduce bothersome wrinkles by watching what you eat and drink. For optimal skin health, stay hydrated and eat nutrient-rich foods. Look for foods high in antioxidants, like blueberries and kale. Antioxidants reduce damage to your cells, keeping your skin healthier. 

Keep in mind that alcohol consumption can make wrinkles and fine lines more noticeable — especially if you have naturally drier skin. This is because alcohol dehydrates your skin, which makes the signs of aging more apparent. 

4. Slather on sunscreen

Exposure to ultraviolet radiation (UV) from the sun or tanning lights triggers photoaging, or premature aging of your skin. To reduce wrinkles, be sure to slather on sunscreen every day — especially on your face, which is generally more exposed to light.

Look for broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher for the best protections. You can also ask your Wrinkle Fairy provider for specific sunscreen recommendations. Don’t forget to reapply sunscreen every two hours if you’re outside for long periods. 

5. Get professional help!

There’s a reason people seek professional help for reducing the appearance of bothersome wrinkles: Anti-aging treatments work! At Wrinkle Fairy, our team creates a personalized wrinkle-reducing treatment plan based on your unique skin needs and goals. 

We offer the most advanced anti-aging services. Some of our most popular wrinkle-reducing treatments include:

Many of our clients who achieve the best results do so by combining one or more aesthetic treatments. For example, for unsightly lines around your eyes and forehead, you may select Botox while dermal fillers might help smooth lines around your lips or nose.

For personalized recommendations to reduce bothersome wrinkles and other signs of aging, schedule an appointment at the Wrinkle Fairy location nearest you.

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