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How Is DiamondGlow® Different from a Regular Facial?

How Is DiamondGlow® Different from a Regular Facial?

You probably know a regular facial can cleanse your skin, diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and improve blood flow. But did you know that a DiamondGlow® facial can do that plus a whole lot more?  

At Wrinkle Fairy in Chicago, Oakbrook Terrace, Arlington Heights, and Naperville, Illinois, Leslie Forrester, APRN, and our team are proud to offer DiamondGlow facials to take your skincare to the next level.

Here’s a preview of what sets DiamondGlow apart—each facial removes debris and dirt, exfoliates dead skin cells, and applies custom serums for a rejuvenated glow. Plus, your DiamondGlow facial also:


Take a moment to find out more about DiamondGlow and why it’s so much more than your standard facial.  

What makes DiamondGlow facials different

DiamondGlow facials have so much to offer that we’re sure you’ll fall in love before you book your first appointment! Here’s a closer look at why:

DiamondGlow facials promote skin regeneration

When you get a DiamondGlow facial, your skin cells are stimulated to promote cell turnover and regeneration. This means that your old skin cells are replaced with newer, more youthful-looking skin at a higher rate than without the treatment. 

Your fine lines and wrinkles fade as your skin regenerates, leaving you with less visible signs of aging and a rejuvenated look. 

Your DiamondGlow facial can be paired with other aesthetic treatments, like Botox® injections, to target stubborn fine lines and wrinkles. Talk to your Wrinkle Fairy provider for recommendations best suited for you. 

DiamondGlow stops acne before it starts

When oil, dirt, and dead skin get trapped in your facial pores, you’ll experience breakouts, blackheads, and other forms of acne. DiamondGlow facials prevent acne before it begins and treat existing acne by removing all the skin debris from your pores. 

DiamondGlow uses a customized blend of powerful serums that help keep your pores clearer for longer. The serums keep your skin hydrated, preventing debris from building up, and reduce the chance of developing breakouts in the future.

DiamondGlow improves blood circulation

Your Wrinkle Fairy provider carefully massages your skin tissues during your DiamondGlow facial. The massaging widens your blood vessels, called vasodilation, and increases blood flow to your face. 

There are lots of benefits of vasodilation—the improved blood flow helps your body take away damaging particles (like free radicals). This leaves your skin youthful-looking and much healthier. 

In addition, this increased blood flow also ensures your skin cells remain nourished. Translation? Your results will last longer! 

DiamondGlow facials eliminate puffy skin

Puffy skin can result from a buildup in your lymphatic system. This system drains fluid through your lymph nodes, removing waste and transporting white blood cells when there’s infection or inflammation. 

Your DiamondGlow facial targets puffy skin by helping speed up your lymphatic system. This leaves your skin looking and feeling better after your treatment.

DiamondGlow takes years off your face

DiamondGlow facials can help you look younger because they target wrinkles, fine lines, and they increase skin turnover. Your Wrinkle Fairy provider can boost these improvements with a custom blend of infusions and topical treatments for your DiamondGlow facial.

Understanding how a DiamondGlow facial works

Now that you know why DiamondGlow facials are one step above the rest, here’s a look into the process of your facial. Remember, this resurfacing treatment doesn’t need chemicals, needles, or harsh products to give you amazing results. 

The first step in your DiamondGlow facial is to cleanse and exfoliate your old skin cells. Your provider uses the specialized diamond treatment tip to peel away the top layer, leaving your resurfaced skin free from the old, unhealthy skin. 

Upon completion of this initial step, your provider uses the DiamondGlow facial suction vacuum to extract and clear debris from your pores. This is completely painless, and the revolutionary technology removes blemishes, toxins, and blackheads with ease. 

Finally, your provider uses a blend of serums to infuse and protect your fresh skin from the elements and other things that age your face. The blend you’ll receive is fully customized to your unique needs, giving you the best protection possible!

Every DiamondGlow facial session is about 30-45 minutes long, so it can easily fit into your busy schedule. 

Your Wrinkle Fairy provider assesses your skin and discusses your aesthetic goals to recommend a facial schedule for you, but most people find the best results by getting regular treatments every four to six weeks. 

If you want to find out more about the DiamondGlow facial, we’re here to help! Schedule your appointment online or via phone at the Wrinkle Fairy location nearest you.

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