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Tighten, Tone, and Slim: Get a Summer-Ready Physique with Noninvasive CoolTone®

Have you stood in front of the mirror, wishing for a more toned appearance, but find yourself short on time or struggling to achieve your goals through diet and exercise alone? 

CoolTone® could be the solution for you, helping you redefine your muscle tone and achieve the sculpted look you’re after. 

Leslie Forrester, APRN, and the team at Wrinkle Fairy in Chicago, Oakbrook Terrace, Arlington Heights, and Naperville, Illinois, have helped countless men and women reach their aesthetic goals with this noninvasive body contouring treatment that uses science to help you tone and firm your physique. 

If you’re ready for a tighter, slimmer, more toned body by summer, keep reading to learn how CoolTone works and whether you’re a candidate.  

How does CoolTone help me tighten, tone, and slim?

For many of us, tackling our trouble zones to achieve a toned, sculpted body is difficult—even with regular exercise and a balanced diet. CoolTone uses advanced technology called magnetic muscle stimulation (MMS) to enhance muscle strength and tone in targeted areas. 

During your treatment session, CoolTone’s Active Magnetic PulseTM (AMP) device safely penetrates beneath skin and fat to reach the muscle groups in your target treatment area. The AMP induces involuntary muscle contractions, stronger than what you can achieve through exercise.   

These intense contractions reinforce your muscle fibers, leading to increased muscle mass and definition. Clinical studies show that patients who undergo regular CoolTone sessions experience significant improvement in muscle tone and firmness.  

Who is an ideal candidate for CoolTone?

CoolTone is perfect for almost anyone looking to enhance their body contour. Ideal candidates are those who maintain a healthy lifestyle but need a little extra help with certain stubborn areas. 

It’s particularly effective for enhancing the abdomen, buttocks, and thighs—common areas that can be difficult to tone even with regular exercise. At Wrinkle Fairy, we recommend starting CoolTone once you have a stable body weight and have some muscle mass. 

If you’re struggling with stubborn fat pockets like many of our clients, you can combine CoolTone with CoolSculpting®, another noninvasive treatment that freezes away stubborn pockets of fat. Reducing the fat layers that surround your muscles enhances your sculpted look after CoolTone. 

Whether you're looking to kick-start a fitness goal or put the finishing touches on your physique, CoolTone can be a strategic addition to your aesthetic plan.

What can I expect during and after my CoolTone sessions?

Each CoolTone session is a quick and painless experience that lasts about 30 minutes. During the treatment, you'll feel the targeted muscles contracting powerfully yet comfortably. 

It's a unique sensation, similar to an intense workout without the sweat or fatigue. Our clients at Wrinkle Fairy typically use this time to relax, listen to music, or catch up on emails. 

There’s no recovery time needed, so you can get right back to your day once it’s done. You might feel like you’ve had a rigorous workout and experience some soreness, but that’s a good sign—it means your muscles are responding to the treatment. 

Over the next few days, this feeling will diminish, and you'll begin to notice improvements in muscle tone and firmness. For best results, a series of treatments is recommended, typically four sessions over two weeks.

How quickly will I see results after CoolTone?

You’ll notice some results quickly after your session, but the full impact of CoolTone treatments unfolds over several weeks as your muscles recover and grow stronger

Many of our clients report seeing noticeable improvements after about four weeks, with continuing enhancements for several months. To maintain your new toned physique, we suggest follow-up sessions every few months. 

With summer just around the corner, now is the perfect time to start your CoolTone treatments. Starting in the spring allows your body to gradually enhance muscle definition, ensuring you are beach-ready and feeling your best by summer. 

To learn how CoolTone can help you achieve a tone and sculpted summer-ready body, schedule your appointment online or over the phone at the Wrinkle Fairy location nearest you.

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